Your Silver Bullet

I find it humorous and still tragic to see thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs who are frantically searching for the silver bullet to their greatest success.

More times than not, the silver bullet looks a lot like just hard work.

Often in my high-end coaching sessions, my client will bring in an “enormous challenge” that is keeping them from getting to their goals.

We work through a process that I have developed to consider multiple solution paths, and voila! the challenge is not near as difficult as first thought.

It is common for us to psych ourselves out and become convinced that our challenge is unsolvable. When in reality, the fear or confusion is what we are focusing on rather than the potential solution.

If we can learn how to back up and gain perspective, creativity will soon follow in almost every circumstance.

My experience has always been that silver bullets, shortcuts, and fast tracks tend to sound better than they actually work.

We have to get out of our own head, know what the solution is within us, and release your thoughts to let it come to the front of your consciousness.

More times than not, our fear is bigger than our challenge.

Think about that.

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