Your Distractions are Telling You…

There are so many forms that a distraction can take. In fact, at times it is down right difficult to identify them because they are so crafty at stealing our momentum.


The list goes on and on. Truth is, if we want to delay action, we can manufacture hundreds of reasons and excuses to fill up our valuable “get it done” time.

But what causes us to create and allow our own distractions?

My experience (from coaching of course, I would NEVER let this happen in my own life, right? 🙂 )

Distraction happen when we are:
– Not fully committed
– Confused on what to do
– Wishy washy about what we really want
– Hiding something
– Lying to ourselves about real desires
– Scared of failure
– Scared of success
– Living in ‘fake it til you make it’ mode

This list can also go on and on and on.

So my question to you is this – WHY are you falling prey to distractions? What is distracting you doesn’t really matter. Until you figure out WHY, your forward progress will be limited.

I know you have huge dreams and goals. So, why are you allowing them to be squandered right in front of you?

Trust me – I am preaching to the choir over here too. This issue has kicked my behind many times in the past—until I call it out, expose it, and then slay it.

Self-inflicted distractions are your worst enemy.

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