Working For, Not Against

Why is it that we will so easily believe the worst about a situation and will not even consider what could possibly be the best?

Our minds often create worry based upon facts that never come true.  In fact 97% of the things we worry about, never happen.

But when you switch that around and consider that our belief could do for us in the realm of the positive, we dismiss it as pollyanna thinking and wishful nonsense.

That should not be.

I am living proof that a forward and positive mindset can change—and even save—your life.

I do not do “woo-woo” thinking.  But I do pause and consider the best possible outcome as well AND EQUAL TO the risks.

That simple little change has changed everything.

So why is that so hard for us? Easy.  We have been programmed by all things negative in the world to believe the worst.  When you pair that with a brain that is designed for fight or flight, you don’t have near the winning chance.

That is why you have to consider how to rewire your thinking.  When you do, you will rewire your future—like I did.

Think about that.

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