Words In The Air

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we love to dream.  But there are times where are dreams become our enemies.

Don’t believe me? It is true.

When we focus only on our dreams and fail to turn them into reality, we do ourselves a serious injustice and ultimately do not get where we want to go.

Hard work and action are the perfect complement to a dream for the future.  Otherwise, we are just putting words into the air.

So, think about it for a minute.  Are you moving your dreams into reality? Your success depends upon it.

One of the ways I make this happen in real time is that I keep a journal list of all of my dream goals and projects.  Rather than just acting on a thought, I list them out, prioritize them, and apply timeframes of when I am going to begin action on each.

Just this simple act of capturing ideas and dreams removes the pressure of so many opportunities.  I can remain focused on my current goals while also keeping future ones in a safe place.

So, don’t just dream to dream.  Take just one and create your action plan today.  Your future success will thank you for it.

Think about that.

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