Why Are You Down?

Why Are You Down? | Kevin Breeding

My Dad used to have a saying, “Whatever you are not up on, you are down on.”

That is to say, if you do not understand something or if you are ill-informed, you tend to be against or less enthusiastic about the unknown.


Why is that?


Simple.  As human beings, we like to be “in control” or feel like we have command over topics and situations.  But that cannot always be the case.


For entrepreneurs, we have to be naturally curious and willing to rush into the unknown.  For many, we love the energy and the “buzz” of getting into the unknown, but that fun tends to fade quickly.


The trick for us is to gauge the season of our life and how able we are to that on serious change.  We can handle quite a bit, but we all need down time that allows us to recharge and redirect.


My experience tells me that I have about three major seasons in a year where I can run without the rules and thrive.  If I try to take on more, or if I find myself in an unexpected season of chaos, I get overwhelmed and begin to feel the impact.


Learn your body. Learn your mind. Learn you soul.


Learn yourself.


Think about that.

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