What Courage is Not

Recently I had a conversation with a group of entrepreneurs about the idea and the concept of courage.

Many often misunderstand—believing that courage is the ability to throw the facts out the window and storm the gates anyway.

The truth is courage is being able to take wisdom, understanding, and fortitude to keep driving forward even when something is difficult.

Courage is persistence to get past something that may be holding you back, and for many, the willingness to start in the first place.

We all know that mindset, courage, energy, and discipline all require a workout.

These actions have to be exercised much like our muscles do. The more we practice courage, the more we have peace amid conflict. The more we exercise our mindset, the less likely we become trapped in self-doubt and other busy-ness.

Take Action:

I challenge you to look at what is holding you back and frustrating you. Do you know what you need to do or is your uncertainty feeding your procrastination?  It is time to do the hard work by first being brutally honest with yourself. 

Easy comes to those who do the hard work.

Think about that.

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