We All Have an Equal Share (Today)

In a day and age when everyone is scouring for time and seemingly in a rush for this or that, today’s Mindset focus in right on “time.”

It is not about multi-tasking or productivity and efficiency.  What we need to focus on is making time.

By that, I mean that we should be hyper-intentional about our priorities and what we choose to use our time for.

As a busy business owner, this reality is all to challenging day to day.  I am learning to focus on the tasks and processes that only I can do, or that I am the best in the world at.  Then, I hire out support team members to handle the other things that steal my time.

All too often, we fail to engage others sooner rather than later.  As a result, we end up burning or squandering time that we will not ever get back. 

Add to all of this the fact that I am getting older. So, time is more valuable today than ever before for me.  I simply do not want to waist time doing things that are not my highest and best use.

So, before you worry about time, first consider what should you stop doing.  Then, focus on what you start or continue doing. 

Make every effort to use your time as wisely as possible.  Your happiness and success depend on it.

Think about that.

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