Useful, Compassionate, and Well

Useful, Compassionate, and Well | Kevin Breeding

Let’s face it…we get pretty self-absorbed sometimes, even with the best of intentions. I certainly do not mean to be, but then life happens.


That is why I make time to be intentional about how I am showing up in the world, whom I can serve, and how I can give away at least 20% of my time to projects of purpose, not profit.


I have found that when I do, the profit takes care of itself.


And that is why I am a coach.  I want to make an impact and to help other leaders figure out how to grow their business so much that they can use the revenue to do something huge for mankind.


This is easily the most rewarding part of my “job.”


It is funny…when I look back at the major seasons of my life, I was most fulfilled AND most profitable when I was focused on giving more than making.


I think that is how the universe works.


Give more than you take. Give more than you make. And presto, you wake up one day and discover that your life is genuinely satisfying.


I like that.  You will too.


Think about that.

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