Triumph in Overcoming

Triumph in Overcoming | Kevin Breeding

There is perhaps no greater feeling than the sense of accomplishment. And especially so when the win comes on the heels of facing adversity.


Coming through the fire and proven worthy in victory is an incredible confidence builder and reminder that you can carry for a lifetime.


I remember clearly what it was like when looking back over 12 months after the darkest period of my life.


You see, I had gone through a personal bankruptcy and a divorce within a six-month period.  I was at the darkest point I had ever been in my life. But in the twelve months that followed, I managed to re-build my business to a multiple six-figures.


Sure, the money and achievement felt great.


But more important, the feeling and confidence I gained in knowing that I was capable of re-building has been truly life changing.


Yes, I am very happy with where life is. But I am even more happy with the self-awareness of who I am and what I can do.


Power in triumph—remember your wins. (Especially the tough ones.)

Think about that.

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