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After years of chasing success for my business and
in the process sacrificing everything else around me,
I realized that I had everything out of order.

Total Life Blueprint focuses on the 7 Principle Assets
we must all attend to become a successful
whole-hearted entrepreneur or business leader:

Life Purpose

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Chasing, Scrambling, and Living Life Out of Breath is No Life At All!

In the last 18 months, we have:

  •  Tripled our business revenue while working far less per week,
  • Discovered new heights in our relationship and with our children,
  • Lost significant weight and re-ignited our passion for a healthy lifestyle,
  • Embarked on a deep, journey of self-development and growth,
  • Found a more meaningful and energizing relationship spiritually,
  • Integrated my love for music into my daily work, and
  • Clarified and taken steps to do everything in the center of our life’s purpose.

After years of doing everything in my power to get my business where I wanted to be, I finally realized I was doing it completely wrong. I had fallen into the trap of all the tactics of other people rather than building my life and my business that way that would work for me.

Total Life Blueprint is the exact framework that Susie and I used to design our life and business the way we wanted to live and work.  By focusing on the 7 Principle Assets—Profession, Relationships, Health, Self-Development, Spirituality, Passions/Interests, and Life Purpose—we recognized that when you create rhythms to invest in each, all explode exponentially.

Total Life Blueprint helps you build the exact life and business you want, your way.

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Total Life Blueprint Program Overview

Here’s How it Works

In the Total Life Blueprint program, you get:

  • A 12-Week Program to discover and design your success framework
  • A Live 1:1 MindMap session with me to kick things off
  • A weekly video call to dive into your Profession, Relationship, Health, Self-Development, Spirituality, Passions/Interests, and Life Purpose
  • 3 Quarterly re-fresh, update, and re-direct strategy calls over the next year
  • A Detailed Action Plan to follow, measure, and achieve your best life the way you want.

Total Life Blueprint is uniquely designed to give you the tools, vision, and action plan to build your life, your way.

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