Three Core Elements

We would all do well to strive and long for health, contentment, and faithfulness.

Without out our health, we have but one single focus—to be whole.

Without contentment, we are running to and fro, chasing anything that will satisfy our want.

Without faithfulness, we have a skewed image of truth and trust.

With our health, we are free to dream, run, and laugh.

With contentment, we have peace and satisfaction that quenches us.

With faithfulness, we have security and are free from mindless worry.

Yes, there are a number of attributes and life principle that are beneficial to us at all times. Today’s mindset from Buddha is an exceptional reminder of that which we should pursue.

Take Action:

Take a moment, journal, and rate where you are in your health, contentment, and faithfulness. I would wager that the higher your rating and assessment, the more connected and successful you feel about where you are today.

If you feel unsettled in where you are, begin by pursuing these things.

Think about that.

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