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I wrote those words in that order almost 2 years ago for the homepage of my website. At the time, I was looking for a way to distinguish myself in the crowded business coach and consultant world.

Looking back now after this most recent journey, I choose to live those out in the opposite order.

What I have known for years is that success comes out of purpose. Sure, hard work, hustle, and being dedicated to your plan are essential, however, without a clear purpose, the money is still somehow empty.

A friend asked me the other day on a “checking in” call, if I only work with people who are believers—who are people of faith. “No,” I said. I work alongside people from all walks of life. I simply want people to know the framework that I come from for everything.

Do not get me wrong, I am not the guy with an ichthus on my business card and wants to pray with you before we sign the contract. Truth be told, those are the people who have burned me the worst over the years. I have learned and responded accordingly.

Faith and spirituality are essential to who I am, therefore, they are a big part of how I do things.

Then there is life. I am not one of those entrepreneurs who works 15 hours a day, on Saturdays, while at my kid’s soccer game…far from it. I believe our work is to serve our life, not dictate it.

I am quite sure I have left thousands—if not hundreds of thousands of dollars—on the table by living this way, but so be it. What good does it do you if you can buy anything and do anything, but no one is close enough to you to share it with you?

I love building businesses.

I love making sense of things for business owners who just cannot seem to get it all together and make it work and enjoyable.

I love locking arms with those who have train-wrecked their life and want to find the courage to build again.

Am I the universal coach and mentor for everyone? Nope.

But for those who know there is “more” to be had in building a business…

…for those who know there is a higher purpose to what they are doing

…for those who want to live life on purpose and stop being reactive to things…

We should talk. This latest chapter of my life has given such clarity and the ability to cut through the noise.

Here’s to building your life on purpose. You will not regret the move.

Think about that.

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