Power of Broader Thinking

Opening up to broader thinking sounds easy and something you want to do, but in reality, it takes work.

Just this past week, I spent a week in two events.  Both were easily the most impactful two events I have been part of in the past five years.  Now, I have opportunity to be in some pretty fun and powerful places, but this past week takes the prize for sure.


Because it was all about broadening your thinking.  The first part of the week was in an event that teaches you how to get to the core buying triggers for your respective audience.  This proven method is creating multiple-over-multiple increases for businesses in virtually every marketplace.  No Jedi mind tricks here.  The science and the process is off the chart, wicked smart, and now part of my arsenal.

Then, the second part of the week was with one of my Mastermind groups.  In fact, after this past event, I am pretty sure it is going to be my ONLY Mastermind group for a while.  This room is filled with other seven, eight, and nine figure business owners who are part of a completely invested team.  We all are doing everything we can to help one another scale to the next level.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who say, “I don’t do masterminds.  I don’t have to pay to have friends.”   But I say that putting yourself in a room full of people who are way smarter than you is the smartest thing you can do on a regular basis.

This particular week was off the hook.  We covered a topic that has Changed. My. Life.   You will all be hearing more about this soon—trust me!

But more important to the content, is the impact to my thinking.  When I am part of Elite, my thinking is expanded, challenged, and turned just about every way you can.  I call being in these events, Thinking about my Thinking. (to quote a very good friend, Jerry Lujan)

When I actively and strategically engage in thinking about my thinking, my business and my life take off.

So my question and challenge to you is this:  What are you doing to expand and challenge your thinking?  What are you doing that is moving you out of your comfort zone and into something bigger and greater than you are now?

If you are not sure, or you cannot pick something right now, it is entirely possible that you are stuck and not going where you want to do.  I challenge you to put yourself out there and see what happens.  I predict you will be blown away by what you learn, and blessed by getting out of your routine.

Come on!  Take a step!


Kevin is a husband to Susie, dad to Natalee and Mallory, step-dad to Carlea and Abbie, a  life-long musician, avid photographer, political junkie, internet addict, and developing author. Connect via Twitter  or Facebook or via Linkedin.  To request a free 20-Minute Breakout Call, click here.

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