The Value of Being Present

Being present take real effort. All too often as entrepreneurs, we find ourselves fixated on tasks or action and lose sight of WHY we are doing
what we are doing.

The result is that squander our ability to be present—often missing the real value of the experience itself.

We both are working hard to build our businesses, and we both want it done, up, and running to get us where we want to go. However, there is wisdom in the journey, wisdom in the people we interact with, and wisdom in the personal, internal growth that can be ours when we put ourselves out into the marketplace.

We would both do well to pay attention to this truth.

Particularly for an internet-based business like mine, it is all too easy to see “markets” and “buckets” instead of people. No matter how far technology may come in being able to customize a consumer’s experience with our brand, in the end, we are in the business of investing in people and enhancing their lives and their dreams.

That is why I share this with you every day.

Take Action:

I encourage you to take a few minutes right now and really think about how many in your audience do you interact with personally? How do you glean real information from a live person rather than from a graph or chart in analytics?

What can you dramatically improve? How can you really learn to be present and listen to your tribe?

Think about that.

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