The Untamed Mind

The Untamed Mind | Kevin Breeding

How easy is it to be overrun and trapped into limited thinking when we experience adversity?


But a true great mind—an adventurous entrepreneur’s mind—cannot stay trapped, it has to rise above to be satisfied and happy.


But let’s face it, we all struggle from time-to-time.


Even the best and most experienced of us have off days or tough seasons.  The secret, however, is to not stay there.  Wise leaders learn to shake it off and start building again—fast.


I have known some genius minds who could not get out of the trap of doubt, low self-confidence, and fear. It is a serious shame, but the threat and limited outcome is real.


That is why I choose to be intentional about what I allow myself to dwell upon. I know that whatever I think about most, I attract to myself.  That is why “I choose” to dwell on success.


This simple proactive choice has changed my life and business for the better.


You should try it.


Think about that.

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