The Toxics

We all have them. Friends, family members, co-workers, Facebook ‘friends’. You know who I am talking about…

Those people who drain energy from us rather than build energy into us—the Zombies in our life.

I am talking about the people that we cringe when they call us; we try to scroll past their self-absorbed rants on social media.

Those people can be toxic to us if we let them.

At first, I did not believe they were toxic. Rather, I tried to label ‘the toxics’ as just more ‘negative’ than me, or someone who sees the glass is half full.

Then, it hit me. The toxics’ draining negativity sets tiny seeds of negativity that I do not even see at the time.

So, it is time to pay attention to who you let in your head. Whose voices do you need, want, and feed on? Whose voices do you need to release, block, unfriend, and clear?

Think about that.

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