The Power of Music

I have been a musician and playing the piano since I was 4.

And it is interesting that when I hit a roadblock in my life OR my business, almost always, the solution lies in a few minutes of sitting down at the piano and letting whatever in my head, come out.

There is something to the free, creative, non-scripted thought of just playing, that opens up my mind to different paths, ideas, and solutions.

The truth is, I have several coaching clients that have discovered the same thing. Another, uses writing as the tool to breakthrough. Yet another, hops on a basketball court as a way to get the mind open and firing.

So my point? We all have something—a unique ability or talent—that our body can physiologically benefit from. This mental, emotional, and physical prompt can often jar your body into a hyper-problem-solving mode.

Take Action:
You should give it a try. Next time you hit a mental roadblock in your life or business. Rather than start with fretting, go to your emotional and physical release place. You just might find your solution faster than you thought.

Think About That.

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