The Path to Being Free

The Path to Being Free | Kevin Breeding

Barely a day goes by that I do not get asked why mindset is such an important topic for me. Most often, the questioner ‘knows’ that mindset is to be thought of, but has no clear understanding of its true impact. I cannot stress it enough. Mindset is the single most important thing you can refine and perfect in your life.


Now, how can I say such a sweeping statement like that? The answer is simple. It has been my life story. In fact, you see this post within the app, Mindset Engine, solely because I discovered the hidden power behind mastering mindset.


So how to you get started down the path to mastering mindset?


First, you simply start. Everything begins with a deeply personal internal conversation. I call it being “brutally honest” with yourself. My conversation started with a morning journaling session.


Very quickly—a matter of a couple of days—things would pop up and take me away from my newfound journaling routine. I would miss one day, then two, until suddenly I would look up and my goal was now three months passed with no progress.


So, I committed to change (mindset) by removing distractions from my morning. I stopped looking at my phone as my first activity from awake. (I used to say, ‘yeah but it is my alarm.’ What I was actually doing was checking the news, email, and Facebook as my first activity.


That single action corrected my course more than I can explain.


We have much more to cover in the coming days. For today, start your brutally honest conversation internally. It takes far more mental strength than one might think.

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