The Most Important Step

I had been thinking about creating Mindset Engine for more than a year.  In fact, I had named it, described it, even pitched to people before I ever called a develop, started writing, created a graphic, or bought the equipment for a video studio.


We entrepreneurs are funny birds.  We love creating—and for some (me)—that creating includes even just mental creation. I can fall into the trap of imagining and thinking through a new project, and find my satisfaction in “thinking it to be.”

Now the odd part is that my Kolbe score is 7-4-8-3.  I am an 8 Quick Start.  By definition, I am supposed to be all about getting going. 

But like you, I also have that confidential conversation in my head that says, if I never actually put my “product” out in the market, it will always be a success in my own mind.  No one can say “no” or criticize what I do.

It is the ultimate in safety (and a good way to remain frustrated and broke).

So how do you break out of the cycle of procrastination? For me, it all comes back to brutal honesty. 

Are you convinced that if you do not tell your story, or share your teaching, or release your invention that the world is somehow going to miss out on something?

If you don’t teach, will your audience experience a loss in some way?

Once I could clearly state that mindset was the life-changing action that impacted me deeply and that I needed to share it, my goal and actions became motivated.

I realized that if I did not teach you about a growth mindset, then you might live the rest of your life in the frustration that I used to—and I could not do that!  I had to build it and give it away.

So how do you get off center and get started?

Simple, ask yourself if you want to build your business for the money or for the good you can bring to your audience’s life.  The answer will tell you a lot.

Think about that.

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