The Harmful Power of the Tongue

The Harmful Power of the Tongue | Kevin Breeding

One of the common phrases that I use throughout my coaching is the statement, ‘Our body hears everything our mouths say and our minds think.’


The internal voice, and in particular, the vocabulary we use towards ourselves can be incredibly uplifting, or they can be tragically devastating.


Pay careful attention to your internal speak.


Failure to do so will certainly make you become your own worst enemy.


But what do you do if you discover that you already are?

Here is what I did:


First, I quit thinking all those negative thoughts and instead, chose to write them down.  Seeing them instead of hearing them makes it easier to say, ‘that is not true.’


Second, spend time in gratitude for those around you in your life, family, or business. Ask them how or why you have been and encouragement to them. The answers will almost always surprise you.


Third, shift your language like today’s Mindset instructs.  You are not broken, you are healing.


This simple little effort can quite simply save your life.  It did mine.


Think about that.

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