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The Bridge Home | Kevin Breeding

Let’s face it.  We would not be doing what we do for a living if we did not have a big list of goals and dreams.


We all want to provide for our families and do really wonderful things in the world, right?

But then life takes over as catch ourselves down, dejected, and stuck in resistance to where we do not see progress the way we want.


That is when discipline pays off in spades.

Knowing what needs to happen and having the drive and commitment to do it—even when you don’t feel like it—is the difference maker between a pro and an amateur.


Not just showing up, but rather having a clear path that you believe in and the ability to jump in and do the work because it needs to be done.

Ultimately, measured discipline like that is what takes dreams and goals and carries them over the line to done.


Think about that.

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