Driving Past Fear Of Failure

Driving Past Fear Of FailureFear of Failure

Every new venture or idea, if implemented, quickly runs up against the fear of failure.  In fact, fear of failure is the principal reason that most people never really get out of the blocks.  Regardless if you are a mom, corporate executive, pastor, entrepreneur, or whatever, study after study show that success is most often thwarted by our own fear of failure rather than something being wrong with the idea.

Why is that?

When I stop and think of how many times I may have given up my own future success because of my fear, I get mad!  But rather than dwell on it, I am determined to do something about it.

What have you lost from fear?  What have you given up on before?

Virtually every person I know has had great ideas that they have wanted  start and do.  Many took a step and then critics showed up and stole their passion.  Some got started and got tired or began to doubt themselves just before momentum came their way.  Failure is some much more about our mental weakness and atrophy than about an actual bad idea.

Here are a few questions I often use when fighting back against fear of failure:

  1. Are you truly passionate about the idea?  Then don’t give up – it is your dream, explore it.  So many times I have an idea or a concept but it is not a true passion – it is just an idea.  Fear of failure can easily steal success from an idea – but from a passion? That should be much much harder to beat.
  2. What do I lose if I keep trying and digging?  So many times failure wins because we want to save face.  We say ‘we got busy’ or that ‘other interests took over,’ when actually, we are simply covering our tracks from getting scared and don’t want to fail in something to which we are truly committed.  “Saving Face,” “Keeping up with the Joneses,” and “Having the Midas Touch” are all success-robbing myths.  Every great idea, whether important, or just important to you, requires determination and hard work.  What do you REALLY have to lose if you keep following your passion?
  3. Am I really more afraid of success?  This may sound like an odd question but I find often times that many, including this writer, give up for fear of actually getting where you want to go.  I know – it sounds crazy but we often implode our own success for fear of the unknown.
  4. How long are you going to commit to grow your idea?  Countless thousands have wanted to start a business or a blog or some other venture only to give up quickly.  Before you start, or at least as soon as you begin to doubt, write down a timeframe for which you will commit to success with genuine effort.  Passing ideas pass.  Passionate ideas grow and drive more passion.

Oh that’s good, let me say that again – Passing ideas pass.  Passionate ideas grow and drive more passion!

5. Finally, Why did you try this in the first place?  Passing ideas are looking for notoriety or a quick buck.  Truly passionate ideas that work have a deep seeded passion to help someone or something first.  You can make money at it, but are you principally committed to helping someone?  Passionate ideas should be able to withstand the fear of failure.

I have started and stopped many ideas.  I have tackled new business and also tried to revive old ones.  So why do some succumb to the fear of failure?  At that, I am my own worst enemy.  However, when I do the mental homework and follow my passions, fear of failure is something I blow past in a heartbeat.

I would love to hear your story and how you gave in or dug in.  This idea of overcoming the fear of failure is powerful one to share.  Feel free to comment below, or you can email me privately at kevinbreeding at gmail dot com.

Fear of Failure?  Kick fear of failure’s scrawny butt and get on to your dreams.  Let’s go!

Back In The Saddle – Building Business

Building Business - Life: Scream or Enjoy The Ride

Building Business – It Is A Wild Ride

Building Business:  It is good to be back in the saddle

Building a business is a thrill, a chore, a journey, and encouragement, a discouragement, and a hundred other emotions all at once.  The highs are the highest of highs and the lows are the lowest of lows.  Yet, even with all of that, I would not trade it for the world.

About two years ago, I began journaling extensively about the past several years, by business, family, health, life, etc.  At first, I thought it was just a mental release that I was using as a type of therapy – it was much needed after several year season that included a failed business, a divorce, a bankruptcy, and a bout with my health that was really starting to press in on my life.  Finally, one day I started going back and reading sections of the journal and discovered patterns that I had put into place that built my way out and through.  I also got a huge dose of looking at my progress rather than focusing on how much farther I needed to go.

This is a principal thought, by the way:  When on a journey – pay closer attention to how far you have come than to how much farther you have to go.

What I discovered is that through my time of review, in the pages of my journal, were specific steps that I had been taking to rebuild everything in my life.  There were seven distinct aspects of my life that I had taken hold of, and invested in them.  These seven areas are:

  1. My Business – Entrepreneur or being employed
  2. My Relationships – Spouse, Children, Parents, Co-workers, etc.
  3. My Health – Nutrition, Workout, Mental Well-being
  4. My Education – Formal or Personal Development
  5. My Interests – Recreation, Writing, Paint, Music
  6. My Spirit – Devotion, Prayer, Meditation
  7. My Life’s Purpose – Why am I here and what am I supposed to do to impact mankind

So now what?  I am finalizing an ebook, a book, and an audio series that shares the principals and tools that have put me back on track.  It is a powerful story that even I am surprised by.

My encouragement to you for today is this:  Regardless of whether you are – on top, in a crash, or somewhere in between – take a deep look inside and consider what are you doing to build into YOUR seven areas.  I am certain it will be worth your while.