Spirituality, Not Religion

I have a faith tradition that runs deep in me and is central to how I show up in the world day-by-day.

But my faith is not synonymous with religion.

Religion, although mostly well-meaning, can also do tremendous damage to those who have a less-centered perspective on spirituality.

I believe we all have a hard-wired part of us that needs a connection with the divine. You do not have to believe like I believe. Focus on where you are.

But, I do believe that all spirituality should be well-structured, tested, tried, and true.  It is not about what makes you feel good.

We need a center. We need core essentials.

For me, faith and a focus on something larger than me is key to keeping me balanced and focused in all that I do.

I pray you find that peace as well.

Think about that.

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