Ridiculously Amazing

I almost did not keep today’s Mindset graphic because at first, I thought it too simple.

But after pondering it for a few minutes, I kept it because its truth is powerful.  Being ridiculously amazing is completely fun and something that feeds your soul. However, what do you do when you just don’t feel it?

What do you do to turn on your “ridiculously amazing?”

All of us have habits, rituals, and rhythms in our life that we subconsciously do.  Because of this, we can learn to program our minds and even our souls somewhat to put ourselves into a flow state.

For me, it is a series of breathing exercises paired with location and music.

If ever I am ‘in a funk,’ I go to my spot, turn my jam, and spend a few minutes breathing and mentally taking myself back to my last success from that spot. Within minutes, solutions, ideas, and words come rushing to the forefront and my newfound energy delivers over and over again.

So what can you do to make today ridiculously amazing? 

Whatever it is…do that.

Think about that.

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