Powerful Muscles Needed!

How quickly we dismiss the power of a simple smile—for ourselves, as well as for those who receive it.

Such a  simple gesture can easily change the course of your day and your outlook on how and where things end up.

It really is one little thing that is just beneficial for the giver as it is the recipient.

But what if you do not feel like smiling? 

Honestly, I have discovered that my feelings lead me astray all the time.  It is often that I may “feel” this way or that way, but in the end, my approach to the moment is more important than my perception of it.

Plus, when I choose to be intentional about how I feel and whether or not I smile in the face of potential adversity, I find my solutions are far easier to see and achieve.

So, I encourage and challenge you to smile at someone today on purpose.  You never know what they are going through.

Your expression may be just the ray of hope they need to believe again.

Think about that.

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