Perspective and Perception

Wealth is a fascinating topic among entrepreneurs like you and me.

Many would say that they started a new venture to make a better life for their family. While other entrepreneurs may see a new venture as something noble that has a higher calling to life than the everyday corporate gig.

What about you?  Why did you start something on your own? What was that first spark of a dream for you?

Don’t get me wrong, the money of building your own company can be pretty fantastic.  However, I would say that success can be both a blessing and a curse. Why?

The blessing of wealth certainly has its advantages. With the money, we can do more, go more, and experience more.  Yet, I argue that money is not true wealth. 

Money is a vehicle TO true wealth.  Sadly, money can also be a deterrent for many in finding genuine wealth.

As with our Mindset for Today, “needing little [or nothing]” is the key to wealth. I know this to be true.  I enjoy nice things, but I am no longer enslaved by the pursuit of nice things.

I no longer feel the need for things as a means of measurement against others to determine where I am on my “success scale.” 

The result is wildly freeing mentally and emotionally.  Perhaps you should try it.

Think about that.

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