Packing Your Bags?

Coming from an individual who seemingly had every reason to simply lay down and give up on life, today’s Mindset is a valuable glimpse into the mind and perspective of Helen Keller.

Although stricken by physical limitations, she was an adventurer at heart and lived her life wide open and full.

This important lesson on perspective is one we need to be reminded of daily.

So how are you living your life? Safe or as an adventure? Do you actually know?

For many, we often see our life as far more adventurous than it is. We want to believe that we are taking significant risks when in reality, we are merely acting out a carefully scripted scene.

Life—real life—occurs when we let go and be our most free and true selves. Without that brave jump, we end up just existing rather than truly living.

Where are you?

Think about that.

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