Our Hardest Lesson, for Sure…

Our Hardest Lesson, for Sure… | Kevin Breeding

Quite simply the most difficult lesson we all must learn at some point in our life.


Failure to learn this lesson leaves us living the life of an imposter. Learning this lessons gives us freedom beyond anything you can imagine.


So often, we want to give ourselves over the game of comparison and think that we are not worthy be notable or impactful to the world around us.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Each of us have a specific voice and a valiant truth that needs to be shared into the world.  When we fail to do so or we fall prey to thinking less of ourselves, we short the world of our wisdom, energy, and influence.


As for me, I want a world that has every voice, finely tuned, and investing into those around us. It will make our collective experience FAR better in the end.


Think about that.

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