Open Investment, Full Reward

Open Investment, Full Reward | Kevin Breeding

Relationships can be tricky things. We all have a picture in our minds of what the perfect dating relationship, or marriage relationship, or best friendship should look like. Business relationships can be equally challenging if we are not careful.


Why is that? A lack of honesty and candor.


As I think back over the relationships, both personal and professional, I can say with a clear conscience that the reason it did not turn out as desired is due to the lack of honesty and candor. I did not say what I truly thought. Nor did I present the true person I am to the other individual in the relationship. I held details and perspectives back, rather than openly invest as the “me” I am.


The best relationships occur when both members are open, honest, and speak to one another with full investment in one another’s success, dreams, and goals. When we don’t go at our relationships with this level of fervor, we end up with something far less meaningful, less exciting, and less fulfilling.


Think about that.

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