On Your Mark…Get Set…

On Your Mark…Get Set… | Kevin Breeding

For years, I treated my search for success and financial independence like a race rather than a journey. I was consumed with accomplishment, but not for the right reasons.


I spent years in the comparison race, thinking I needed to achieve more so others would respect me. Wrong.


Now, I respect myself first and foremost.


When I do, success comes toward me rather than me chasing it with all I am.  Isn’t it funny that as soon as we get past the comparison game, we seem to attract what we were so desperately chasing.


I have found that once we release the “thoughts” of others, we find an inward confidence and peace that is obvious to those around us.


Oh yeah—there is one other thing.  Give yourself some space to observe the process.  The journey has an incredible view if we will just look up every now and again and don’t let life just pass you by.


Think about that.

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