Normal, Acceptance, and Being Exceptional

Normal, Acceptance, and Being Exceptional | Kevin Breeding

Isn’t it odd that when we were little kids, we were wildly in pursuit of being original, creative, and complete free to be us.


But then something happens about the time we first go to school.


We instantly were catapulted into a scenario where we flip the other way and fixate on how can we just fit in and be one of the normal kids like everyone else?


I remember that happening in my life.


And still, I deeply wanted to be different, unique, and the most interesting persona I knew.  However, the allure of ‘belonging’ was just too great and I gave in for the cause of being accepted.


Sadly, in my heart, I knew that I did not fit in.  So I spent a lot of my young adulthood at war with who I played to be and who I actually was.


Enter – mid-life crisis.  LOL


But the truth is that our amazing self is right there and has been all the time.  When we believe in who we are and how we were created, we become the most powerful we can be on this earth.


There is no one in the entire universe that is exactly like you.  As a result, if you don’t show up, my world is left with a void.


Why don’t we commit today to show up for one another?


Think about that.

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