My Next

Two weeks ago, this very minute, I was being wheeled back to begin the pre-op process that would remove cancer from my body. I am incredibly thankful for the team that cared so well for me.

I did not think I would feel this good, this fast.

The thing I did not expect was how much this entire episode would change me.

I’ve spent the past 15 months alongside a very good friend, helping to build and scale their business. Not only did we design and win the single largest project in their 20-year history, but we also booked more in April 2021 than all of last year’s business. I love doing that. It never gets old.

That being said, I knew in the weeks leading up to my diagnosis that something within me was changing. Although I did not know that I would come out with a cancer diagnosis, I knew that my time in that project had come to a close.

On one hand, I am bummed in that I do not get to share in the spoils of a big win like that. On the other hand, it was and is not for me. My calling and purpose were not being fully utilized in that win. It was time for a leap of faith.

One major win was being able to encourage my friend during our last call of his Unique Ability and charge him to not let this big project distract him from making that gift first and most forward.

The timing also worked out well for me to take a fairly light week, focus on healing up, and spending time contemplating what is next.


For the past five or six months, I have had an image, a vision, or an awareness of this figure in my peripheral vision. They are at about 2 o’clock in my vision. I am not sure if it is someone I am supposed to meet, or if it is a more fully aware version of myself that I have yet to meet.

I know. That may all sound weird to you, but it has been very real to me for some time.

What I do know is that this image has been pressed upon my heart as “my next.”

What is more curious to me is that on 5 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS, in the days leading up to my surgery, five people referenced my healing and how excited they are to witness “my next.”

They all referred to it that way. And I never used that phrase with them or anyone else.

My Next.

I am not sure what My Next is, but I cannot wait to find out.

So, for now, I am leaning into God, trusting that He will guide me as I anxiously await My Next.

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