Moving Upward

Replaying the past is almost never a good idea. Perhaps, it only makes sense when first thinking about past success and failures to glean life’s lessons—but then, it is time to move on.

Beyond the reflection and lessons, there is little that we gain by re-playing past glory or hurt.

In the glory, we try to re-live the best of times, but often edit out how much time, effort, and work it actually took to get to the glory.

In the failure, we often “over-remember” how difficult and how hurtful a situation was.

My experience reminds me that the best use of my time and my memory is to look and think forward, upward, and onward. It is in this view that our future lay.

That is why I spend a significant amount of time journaling and contemplating where I am and where I am going. Taking action haphazardly has never worked out quite the way I had hoped.

So, as you take a moment to reflect on your past, I encourage you to learn what you can learn, and then turn upward quickly and take your next step.

Think about that.

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