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Over 25 Years Creating and Scaling Businesses
- Director of Advertising, Wal-Mart Stores
- Partner, Hutchinson Group, DC Consulting
- Founder, Compass Business Plans
- Executive Creative Director, Bigham Agency
- Creator, Mindset Engine & 5-Day Framework

The Important Details
- Husband to Susie
- Dad to Natalee, Mallory, Carlea & Abbie
- 45 years a Musician
- Avid Photographer
- Former Political Junkie
- Internet Addict

About Kevin

Let’s Talk About Why

Buying another course, joining a new mastermind, or following another guru can only get you so far. If you want to level-up your company and your life, you have to also level-up what you do and how you think.

There are hundreds of thousands of “experts” out there—you want somebody that has been where you are and knows what it will take to get you through.

Ask any uber-successful entrepreneur and they will tell you, exponential growth comes from within. I would be honored to talk about your business and the shifts you are ready to make.

Signature | Kevin Breeding

Group Coaching

Group Coaching | Kevin Breeding

5 – 12 People per Group

Weekly Strategy/Hot Seat Calls

Private Facebook Group

911 Call / 1:1 every 6 weeks

Private Client 1:1

1:1 Coaching | Kevin Breeding

Structured for Your Business

3-5 Private Calls per Month

Text & Personal Email Access

All Programs Included

VIP Strategy Day

KB VIP Day | Kevin Breeding

Full-day Strategy Day On-site

Clear Action Plan by EOD

1:1, Leadership Team, or Full Staff

Follow-up Strategy Call 30 Days Past

Which Program is Best for You?

1:1 Private Client Coaching

Entrepreneurs – $650K and up

Although occasional exceptions are made, 1:1 Private Client Coaching is designed for the rapidly scaling entrepreneur and business. The process and program are collaborative to identify key business drivers, leadership/team needs, and the mindset and strategic work required to realize the desired growth.

“Good Fit” clients believe that:

  • See your business as a vehicle to do something greater in the world,
  • Want to 2x, 3x, or even 10x your business in the next 18 months,
  • Realize that next level business requires a next level CEO, and
  • Want to build a company that is congruent and authentic to who you are.

Private client work encompasses business and life topics with the intent to scale up your business, while building a company that is congruent, authentic, and designed around your unique ability.

Group Coaching

Entrepreneur – $200K to $750K

Built around the scaling and emerging entrepreneur, my group coaching is collaborative, community-based, and intentionally constructed to help you grow quickly into a thriving business. Challenge discussions, calls, and private Facebook group discussions often revolve around:

  • Scaling methods with limited capital
  • Team and culture development in the early stages
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Sales, marketing, and niche-based messaging
  • Funnel creation, segmentation, and customer experience

Group calls follow a structured call time each week with an on-going Facebook community for your specific cohort, plus access to the full community page also.

VIP Strategy Day

All Entrepreneurs and Leaders

This one-day intensive is specifically designed to dig into your business or concept to evaluate and identify key areas of growth, as well as elements that are constricting growth.  The entire day is aimed to producing an executable action plan that your team can execute.

Key takeaways can include team, branding and messaging, core values, systems and structure, product development, and sales and marketing.

The day includes:

  • CEO session for clarity
  • Executive team session if desired
  • Department evaluation and forecasting
  • Brand and product positioning
  • Travel not included

5-Day Framework

All Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Designed for any entrepreneur or leader who needs to make a significant decision. This rapid design tool equips you with process and path to breakthrough roadblocks and other areas of resistance to get you results.

Past Framework wins include:

  • Choosing a new #2 for your business
  • Overcoming fear of self-promotion
  • Significant weight loss plan and mental prep
  • Identifying addictive behavior
  • Create of a new revenue stream

The 5-Day Framework has been effective for hundreds of entrepreneurs who want clear direction, fast action, and solid results.

It Is All About Your Results

Dr. Robyn Brooks

“Kevin knows business, but that isn’t his true strength. Although he is adept at helping you build your business through strategic and tactical advice, Kevin’s real strength is building the entrepreneur — aligning your true desires and your true self with your vision, ensuring that you are building a business that will feed you, and building your internal capacity to live the entrepreneurial journey with purpose, fulfillment, and authenticity.”

Dr. Robyn BrooksBest-Selling Author, Speaker, and CEO of Mindsteps, Inc.
Kenny Ackerman

“I have worked with Kevin as a marketing expert and now as a coach. His work to help me think differently about my leadership style has made a night and day difference in our gallery. We are expanding into new space, I am adding team members, and business is flowing! Now it is time to adjust my goals up.”

Kenny AckermanFounder, Ackerman’s Fine Art
Benjamin Portnoy

“Kevin brings to bear a deeply varied set of tangible and practical skills and experiences, and if you have any doubt as to whether he would be able to make you better at whatever you’re trying to get better at, spend 10 minutes with him.  You’ll understand why so many of today’s incredible people choose to keep Kevin Breeding on speed dial.”

Benjamin PortnoyAuthor, Speaker, Voiceover Actor
Jason Edwards

“When I first met Kevin, my life and my business were completely messed up. Everything depended on me and I was frustrated to the point of walking away. In a matter of days, I realized that I had built this mess and had found the perfect sherpa to lead me out of it. Kevin was tough but patient. We are on track to 3x this year and I am working far less than I used to. Thanks, Kevin!”

Jason EdwardsSales Funnel Expert