Making the Shift

Transitions are always filled with ups, downs, questions, expectations, thrills, and unknowns.

And, I have found that in going through them, the real gold is not in the outcome but rather the journey.

What you learn about yourself during the transition is the real blessing.

Whether you are transitioning jobs/projects or learning to live without a person in your life, or coming out of a life-changing illness, or finding a new career, the growth that occurs on the way is what we need most.

As I was challenged this morning in my quiet time and meditations, if you too are going through a transition season, look for the benefit of the growth. It is not about the uncertainty that you fill your time worrying over. It is about HOW you walk through the changes.

I am excited and expectant about “my next.” I am certain that I will continue coaching small to medium business owners as I currently do. But I know there is something new coming that I have yet to see—and for that I am excited.

Could it be another year-long consulting gig that multiplies a company and changes the lives of the entire team? Maybe.

Could it be a spiritual mentorship for a business owner and family person who wants to “do it the right way?” Maybe (I hope so).

But my encouragement for you today is this:

Whether you see it or not, you are amid a transition in one, if not many, areas of your life. And HOW you step through this process makes all the difference.

I am learning to embrace mine.

I pray you are as well. If you share or pm me about your transition, I will add you to my morning prayer time.


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