Limiting Thoughts

Just a few days ago, I had the enormous privilege to be on a phone call with one of the leading neurologists in the world. He was sharing with me stats about how people give up when working out.

When in the physical strain of an exercise routine, rock climbing adventure, or most any physically taxing activity, and our brain will almost always begin telling us that we need to stop.

We are told from the inside that we should stop:
– In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt, or
– We cannot go any farther, or
– That we have no strength left, or
– That we have no air left.

Sound familiar?

This mental response is merely a survival mechanism of the brain. When at this point of strain, your body has only expended twenty to twenty-five percent of its actual capability.

World-class athletes have learned this principle, and they train on how to turn their mind around to their benefit, rather than having limited thought.

When we learn to recognize our limiting thoughts, we can better keep our direction, our pace, and clarity as a tool that work for us rather against us.

Think about that.

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