Lessons from…

Lessons from… | Kevin Breeding

It is a common theme here at Mindset Engine because it is universal to us all. All of us—no matter life station, wealth, or experience—learn from pain more than from abundance.


Perhaps we are learning equally, but when in times of peril, we are more aware of the magnitude of the lesson…I’m not sure.


However, I do know that from my life, as well as that of every other successful entrepreneur I know, suffering produces insights that create success.


So, in some ways, you can deduce that suffering is necessary FOR success.  What say you?

Otherwise, we would go through life in vanilla only and have a hum drum, non-eventful experience.


As for me, I do not want that.


I want adventure and surprise.  I want freedom and exploration to discover new ways to succeed and how to show up as my best me.


Without the journey, I would not exist—at least not in the manner that I do today.


So, as best you can, try to find joy and lessons in the struggle. You will need and want them later.


Be well.


Think about that.

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