Learning to Trust in Growth

Learning to Trust in Growth | Kevin Breeding

Although I am a person of faith, I do not write this with a religion-based agenda.


That being said, I think it is important to understand your relationship with a higher power or belief, no matter your particular perspective or tradition.


Whether you sense God, the Universe, or something greater inside yourself, you have to learn that adversity is not something that is occurring to you—it is happening FOR you.

We grow when we are stretched beyond our comfort zone and we need to learn to hang outside that zone as much as possible.


Sometimes we need to jump and grow amid the fall.

What do you believe in that is growing you and guiding you along the way?

Some people say that faith and religion is a crutch. I do not agree.  For me, it is a centering point that reminds me daily, “you got this.”

Having gone through tons of dark days, including a bankruptcy and divorce within the same six month period, it was my faith that carried me through.

It’s time to learn how to fly—I know you have been dreaming about it.


Let’s go.  You Got This.

Think about that.

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