Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered | Kevin Breeding

Although many do not believe it, your attitude has an enormous impact on your overall health.


If you perceive yourself to be in poor health or constantly tired, you begin to believe that and even attract that sense of ‘health’ upon yourself.


Now, I am not suggesting that all health is in our heads, however, I know that whatever we think about, we attract to ourselves.


Don’t believe me?


Let me challenge you to give it a try.


Let’s say that you feel chronically tired. As long as you do not have a diagnosis of something more serious, consider every morning, writing down all the things in your life and your body that you feel good about.

Okay, okay, maybe the things that you feel ‘ok’ about.

Take time to be grateful for what you DO have versus what you do not.

From my personal experience, this simple process will change more than just your attitude.  It will change your overall health trajectory.


Think about that.

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