Just Do It

Just Do It | Kevin Breeding

At first pass, this advice to “just do it” may seem overly simplistic and elementary. Yet, I have found that in most cases, the simple is usually the most effective.


Why? Forward motion and effort are powerful tools that we often leave in our tool belt, especially from a mindset standpoint.


I remember when first starting my 1:1 coaching business, I spent days and weeks thinking about it, ruminating over the concept, and applying everything you can imagine to the project. I created logos, bought URLs, created web pages, even an automated booking calendar, and elaborate library model to hold notes, videos, and the like.


There was just one problem. I was not actually DOING and any coaching.


This phenomenon is what I like to call, “substitute activity.” Ask any entrepreneur, and they will tell you that this nemesis often visits and can be particularly challenging to exterminate. So what is the best defense from getting overtaken with “substitute activity?” Just do it. Take action, start today, do what gets your dreams started.


Even the smallest step forward toward your goal for today is a massive victory. I have always found that once you just step forward, the second, third, and fourth steps each appear more quickly than the last.


Think about that.

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