It’s All Coming into Focus

Oh Snap! Sometimes these Mindsets for Today get a little close to home, right?

I live by an internal law that says, ‘Whatever you focus on, you attract.’ That is certainly true with today’s quote.

When you think about problems, you find them everywhere. And likewise, when you think about opportunities, you tend to see those more often as well.

So, is it really that easy? Can you just think your way to better opportunities? The answer is yes, and no.

It certainly is the right start to begin looking for the opportunities that exist around you. But you cannot simple sit by and wait, only looking. You have to get up and take action too.

So, when do you know when to sit and when to act?

That is a tough answer, but my experience tells me that the more you try, the more you will learn when is right for you.

Now that my business is quite a ways along, I am finding that I am saying no to things far more often than I used to.  But the secret is in learning what to say YES to.

Keep going. You will find your way.

Think about that.

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