Iterate the Path, Not the Dream

I have been on a journey for the last few years. The tale is pretty wide, deep, and at times fairly gruesome. But truthfully, I would not change much.

The key for me—in highs and lows—is knowing that the dream is constant. The path may change as I iterate, but the dream is clear and remains.

So, my question to you is this:

Are you clear on your dream? And if so, is there a path that you are currently working on that can get you there?

My journey is littered with starts and stops, variants, and down right dumb ideas as I iterate my way to my dream. At times, I get frustrated at the time, emotion, and energy it takes and has taken. However, the dream is forever clear and in tact.

Perhaps your dream is to write your book, or become a platform speaker, or to scale your business to the next major level. For me, it was to give back and to invest into people I cared about.

I did not know it at the time, but my dream was to become a mentor/advocate/coach for entrepreneurs. I knew what my dream was about, just not what it was called.

Now I know.

About a year ago, after receiving several calls from folks inquiring if I would coach them, I decided there might be something to this. So, I agree to take on four people, who each were at very different stages of life and business.

My goal was to answer these four questions:
– Can I help them?
– Am I good at it?
– Do I enjoy it?
– Will they pay me for it?

It only took 2-3 phone sessions to get back a resounding YES! As I finish a mentor call, my energy level is high, my sense of satisfaction is off the chart, and the responses from my clients was over the top positive.

I started out on this journey thinking I was building a software tool. Somewhere along the way, my dream became very real, very quickly. Had I not been willing to iterate, I would have ended up building a business that was just another job.

My encouragement and challenge to you is this:
– Are you building your dream?
– Does it excite you at your core?
– Would you do it, even if you did not get paid for it?
– Does it feed you financially, personally, emotionally, and spiritually?

If not, we should talk. If so, then are you driving at the level you want to?

As an entrepreneurial mentor, I lock arms with you to build the life and the business you want, in a way that is most authentic to who you are. It is so much more than P&Ls, sales funnels, and launches. Building an authentic company requires an entrepreneur who is clear, present, and ready to align themselves in every way.

I help build seven and eight figure companies for entrepreneurs—not by building the organization, but rather by building the entrepreneur.


Kevin is a husband to Susie, dad to Natalee and Mallory, step-dad to Carlea and Abbie, a  life-long musician, avid photographer, political junkie, internet addict, and developing author. Connect via Twitter  or Facebook or via Linkedin.  To request a free 20-Minute Breakout Call, click here.

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