It is a Heart Thing

At first pass, this Mindset for Today may seem a bit cliche. But in truth, the quality and the character of your heart is a significant part of who you are as a person AND as a brand.

We all know those who have a business, whether online or offline, where the owner is not completely genuine to us. There is always that “hint” of sliminess or self-serving perspective.

Obviously, that is not who you are. Otherwise, you would be here. Mindset and Authenticity are for those of us who really want to be true to ourselves and help others.

If fact, a common denominator for entrepreneurs and leaders like us is that we tend to give far too much away for free.

That is the byproduct of having a good heart—and that tends to show through brightly in who we are and how we live and conduct our business.

The trick is to let that shine through more rather than less.

People want to follow others they admire, just as much as those whom they can learn and from those whom they can benefit.

Take Action:
What “good” do you put out into the world with your brand? Are you encouraging others to be their best self? Are you living your best self? If not, I would begin there internally.

Think about that.

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