Imperfect Action > Perfect Inaction

One of the greatest and most common limiting factors we all deal with is the desire for perfection that keeps us from completing.

We all want to be perfect, but in our desire for perfection, we often fall prey to inaction or even paralysis analysis.

We over think and under do.

Why is that?

Part of it is a truly noble desire to be the best—I get that.  But more times than not, our inaction is the outflow of resistance where we psych ourselves out by worrying what others will think.

Don’t give in to this simple hindrance.

The best thing you can do for yourself, your business, and your confidence is to keep moving…always.

People are less critical than you think and most will never know that it is not as perfect as you envision. Simply pair your constant forward action with a strong desire to continuously improve and you will be fine. 

I promise.

Think about that.

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