Ideas: Blessing or Curse

Most entrepreneurs have a strong sense of creativity in one area of their life or another. And with that creativity comes a well of ideas that can flow 24/7 on most any topic.

Initially, one might think that this unending flow of new ideas is a gold mine when in reality this would-be fortune of intellectual greatness can quickly overwhelm us and paralyze us from action.

It is worth knowing that in my professional career as a mentor and coach for hundreds of entrepreneurs, those who are skilled at ideation rarely also possess the skill to implement or follow through on their own ideas.

For many of us, starting an idea feed us the same way as if we had complete it.

The challenge is what do you do with a new idea that has lost its luster and is now requiring the expertise of follow thru and you just want to go create new ideas?

Enter the idea graveyard.

We all have one. Part of our genius is that we are natural-born creators. They downside of this incredible skill is that we often fool ourselves into believing that we can “just do this one ourselves.”

A wise creator and ideation genius knows – move an idea only so far and then hand it off to a trusted team member who can nurture and grow your idea into action.

Think about that.

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