I Completely Relate

I Completely Relate | Kevin Breeding

This Mindset for Today is spot on for my life. Having gone through a bankruptcy and divorce within the same six-month period, I can definitely relate to rock bottom.


The question is how you rise.


For many, the choice is to wrap yourself in the pain and sorrow as a means of “coping.” I don’t agree with that approach.


All too often we hang on to past events and sometimes use them as an excuse for not getting where we want to go.  I choose to do something different.


I choose to grab the lessons from the struggle of the moment and then move on.  Learn what you can and let go of the rest.


When you do, you maintain a posture of onward, upward, and forward.


For me, anything less would have taken me down hard and for a long time.  Thank goodness I was aware and able to keep my head above water.


I know many who struggle daily with their past.


It is time to let go and just go.  Your future will thank you in a big way.


Think about that.

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