I Agree (Almost)

I Agree (Almost) | Kevin Breeding

On the surface, I agree with the concept of working to learn while you are young. However, I would also implore you to continue to work to learn, even when you are working to earn.


The best and wisest (and wealthiest) entrepreneurs and business leaders continually learn and improve, not matter their age or financial success.


Continuous improvement should always be at the forefront of every day.


If we choose not to continuously improve, we run great risk of becoming outdated and obsolete. It is not just about technology and the like.


No, I like to go off on little tangents and learn new and different crafts as a way to get my brain to think in new and unique ways.


A fresh and open mind is an incredible tool to discover and find new paths and ways to success.


Let’s go find yours.


Think about that.

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