How You Think Matters

How You Think Matters | Kevin Breeding

For years, I have placed myself in the trap of the pursuit of perfection. Add to that a healthy dose of the disease of comparison and you are guaranteed to feel beat up and defeated often.


I am not advocating being slack or lazy or delivering a sub-standard product.  However, I am saying that we are going to have set-backs from time to time and there will always be those who tell you that your goal is unattainable.


Hogwash. (Arkansas-raised term for ‘wrong’)


All my life I have had people tell me that I was reaching too far or setting myself up for failure.

I content that if you do not set yourself up for failure, not never really have the chance to achieve greatness.

Risk and effort are required to reach a reward.


Obstacles and doubters are just part of the journey and should be expected.  And when you do expect them, it is far easier to hear their opinions, learn what you can and dismiss the rest.


I know what I am capable of. I just have to find the path to deliver the best me I can.


Think about that.



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