Getting What We Deserve

For several years, I tried to make the jump from corporate to the entrepreneurial world.

 I used to tell myself that I just didn’t have time.

This was a trap and I was lying to myself. I have all the time in the world. It is merely my priorities that sucked.

We will create time for what we want to do and what we believe in.

In my case, I was using time as an excuse to cover up my fear.

Today’s quote talks about being satisfied with half of the results if you’re only willing to put in half of the effort. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes time. It takes grit. It takes guts. It takes vision. It takes sweat. Being an entrepreneur is not for the lazy.

Take action:

How much of your day do you spend doing life changing tasks for your business?

How much time do you spend responding to everybody else’s needs, rather than closing your door and focusing on the three things today that will get you one step closer to your goal?

I invite you to evaluate. What tasks are you doing today that will leave you closer to your goal and what tasks are you doing that will keep you busy but not serve your life goal?

Think about that.

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