Found Happiness

Often we mistake true happiness with excitement.  Just because we “feel” happy, we see things going on in a certain light.

But what do you do when you do not “feel” happy? 

For me, I seek to focus on being satisfied, content, and grateful.  When I do, I discover that happiness simply occurs.  I do not have to have a moment of excitement to feel happy.  Rather, I end up dwelling in a perpetual state of being happy.

The best part is that when you achieve a base level of happiness through satisfaction, contentment, and gratefulness, is that daily circumstances have far less impact on whether or not I feel happy.

I realize that for some, the up and down energy is something they crave.  For many, they “need” the chaotic nature of emotions to feel alive. I am the complete opposite.  I want to have stable and balanced emotions and feelings.  That way, I am always at peace and in a state of happy.

That being said, it is always nice when happiness sneaks in when and where we did not expect it. And when it does, you should take a moment and choose to give it away.

Think about that.

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